Monday, November 24, 2014

Grace Bridge Boxes

As I mentioned in the article, "No More Abi Falling off the Bed", we just recently moved to our new place.  And, since the day we moved, the divine intervention we are privileged to experienced since then became greater.   Our daily needs are being sustained from our basic needs like food and gasoline and even the dining table and chairs in which we used when we ate with our home-cooked food down to the electronic appliances that God provided to us through people that love us and even through strangers (to be unveiled in my next post). 

After we got married, we received a lot of gifts on our wedding shower, and it all basically consists of kitchen-must-have appliances like knives with chopping boards, dining wares, cookware, bake-wares, bath-ware, and even bedding.  With all of these provided to us earlier, we can say we are blessed not to think about allocating our budget buying these "must have" stuff when moving to a new place.   

Sunday, November 16, 2014

No More Abi Falling off the Bed

A few hours ago my husband, Joshua called 911.  He reported the incident about our daughter Abigail fell-off from the bed approximately 2 feet above the floor of our master bedroom.  This might sound serious, but the Lord is always good, Abi is sleeping and in a good shape now.  

Before the incident happened,we had a very blessed and a productive Sunday. We were privileged to experienced a great morning service at the church, singing praises songs, worshiping the Lord and praying with the whole body of Christ.   The Lord, our God blessed each of us with a joyful spirit that beyond written words can explain.   

Right after the service our Pastor's were able to visit us in our new place (we just recently moved from Grammy's place).  In their kindness, they provided us a portable heater to keep us more warm and comfortable during cold and chilly weather.    Well, we have a heater installed in our new humble abode though for some reason it is not efficiently keeping our house warm.   We are truly thankful that God has placed us under the shepherding care of our spiritual Father and Mother.  They didn't fail in modeling to us the unconditional love of God.  Through and through their support is with us. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Soul Sisters #TeamChocolateMousse

I believe about the saying in the book of Proverbs that there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.   Well for me I must say that there is a friend that stick closer than a sibling.  Its like your soul is knit to the souls of your friends.  I will not be biased, but most of my amis (french words for friends) are all beautiful in their own ways.  When I speak about beauty, I am not only referring to physical beauty but beauty that is deep within.   Something that doesn't need make-up to enhance nor perfume to notice it.  They are all positively influential and even drive not just women but even people of different ages, genders and status in life to be transformed to what God is designed them to become. 

Wena, Ella and me.  We never forget to captured a moment showcasing our signature poses

Monday, February 10, 2014

Epsom Salt for Relaxing Detox Bath

My husband, Joshua was so eager to incorporate into our cleansing and detoxification using Epsom Salt.  Since he was into Complimentary and Alternative Health field of study, daily he is exposed to read informative and helpful articles of living a toxic-free-lifestyle.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Online Schooling in a VENN High-Back chair

My husband is in his 3rd year college of his online schooling and pursuing a career in Complimentary and Alternative Health.  Daily he is wired, reading his virtual text-books, doing researches to support and write for their weekly deadlines depending on guidelines their instructor provided and asked them to submit.  He is also required to make comments in responds to his classmates and instructor posts on their virtual classroom.  

Compared in going to school that requires student's physical presence, online schooling is much flexible in terms of time spent in the class though the same principle is applied, student needs to have self-discipline towards meeting school deadlines and self-eagerness to access the knowledge with less supervision and not being spoon fed.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Prepared Childbirth Class

Attending a pregnancy class is something a novice parents must include in their to-do-list and look forward to attend before giving birth.  The first time we heard about it was from Brittney (my sister-in-law, Joshua's younger sister).  She mentioned about a certain program that provides a very peaceful, helpful place for new mothers.  From there we became interested to attend empowering and informative classes in preparing us. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Extra foam doesn't mean extra clean

I am not here to endorse any specific product nor to make public outcry to create defamation but to provide awareness and awaken readers/consumers to the benefits of holistic wellness and dangers of synthetic chemicals.  Use your personal liberty and purchasing power to utilize the goodness of nature and the tastes of life.